Thursday, December 18, 2008


Lunch in Germany is always a surprise. I’m not really sure what I end up eating. For example, I saw this bird leg in front of me today and I asked the nice lady behind the counter, who speaks only German btw, “What is that?” She replied something in German and then followed that up by saying “Chicken”. Now I know that whatever was in front of me was not chicken. I mean chicken and I go back a long way and I have friends who are literally fans of my chicken eating skills (I miss Broast). She’s done this before though. She translates any fowl as chicken to me, the last time it was turkey and this time apparently it was duck. It didn’t taste too bad, but it was no chicken. I eat beef and pork regularly now, adapting to the country nicely in that way. I even think I had deer meat in the office restaurant once, at least that’s what Google translated the dish name to. However, a few weeks back, I just couldn’t get myself to eat the rabbit meat on the menu. Somehow imagery of Bugs Bunny on my plate dissuaded me. I chose the safer option instead…yup – chicken.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nope...didn't work

The medicines didn't do their job. Now I have a battle on my hands. And I have to go at it alone. Against all odds and that kind of crap. I've lost quite a bit of weight as expected, and the worst is yet to come..oh well..
Apparently one of the side effects of the medicines are mood swings.. now they tell me!! They should have told me this 2 weeks ago. Considering me and my problems don't even matter in any or anyone's scheme of things...what the hell am I complaining about...thats all I seem to be able to do anyway...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby president elect

I saw a report on CNN this morning that people in Kenya are naming their new borns after the US President elect Barack Obama and his first lady elect Michelle Obama (Kenya is the birthplace of Barack Obama's father). Two days back, in a Kenyan hospital, there were 7 baby boy Barack Obamas, 2 baby girl Michelles and 1 baby girl Baracka Obama born!!

Not fair. I wanted to name my daughter Michelle. Now the name will become more common than it already is.


I’ve got a sore throat and cold for the first time in Germany. I hate it. I feel all drowsy, tired and sleepy and I have so many documents to read and so many decisions to take at work!! Somehow, a cold gets me down more than a fever or a sprain or something like that.

Germany is a very procedure oriented country. Nothing seems simple out here. Even my German friends and colleagues keep complaining about it; and especially if you don’t know the language, you’re done for. All official communication is in German and there is at least one a week. For example, my insurance company sends me a form to fill. I have no clue on what to do. I tried going to Google, typed out the whole thing, translated it and figured out at the end that I really don’t know how to answer what they’ve asked. While this maybe a one-off case, and generally if I translate, I should be able to respond with something. However, it just seems simpler to go to their office and talk to the nice English-speaking gentleman and get it sorted out. So the weekend begins with a trip to the insurance company.

Next week is going to be long and hectic at work. Just hope the medicines start doing the work their supposed to on my UC. I’m losing weight by the day and it doesn’t help at all to see so much blood go from your body!! Note to self: live with it and fight through - a better day will come!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


If I were to represent my personal life as a graph, I am at a point where I can either make an inflexion, or carry on the same trajectory. If I further split the graph into two curves, one for me and one for my life – the last few days have indicated to me that my curve will undergo the inflexion while my life curve will most likely go on the same trajectory. Was what happened a life changing event? I don’t know. But it sure has changed things. I seem to be on the right path where acceptance of reality is becoming second nature and the rebel inside me is slowly but surely going away. Peace and calm is all I want – at any cost. The final outcome is not under my control and I don’t want to control it, I just to control the path I take, for the good of everyone involved.
On the physical side of things, after 3 months of bliss my UC problems are back. Damn you chili chicken 65 masala. I just got overconfident, when I wasn’t even completely confident that I was in remission. Anyway, it’s going to be a constant companion for life, making unannounced appearances and reluctant disappearances; so might as well accept it better than I’ve done in the past. Unwanted weight loss – here I come.
Barca are showing promise!! This can be a good year for us!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

adversity necessity invention

A standard question in any job interview is - "Which is the greatest challenge you've faced in your life and how did you handle it?" I have a brand new answer for that question.

Yup, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most difficult and challenging time of my life. Shuttling betweent the hospital, work and house, keeping our spirits high when every cell in your body is crying to just give up, handling doctors and a hospital that works with the principle of a coffee place - something like "there is always time to do that later", the mental and physical stress of it all....and all this in a brand new chapter in my life - the supposedly best one yet!!

One thing good has come out of it..i'm learning to cook...what I've not done in 29 years, the last 3 weeks have necessitated this transformation and I actually seem to have the knack for it...I managed to make decent chicken!!

where is the light at the end of the tunnel..cmon..get there fast...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not quite what I expected

It's almost 1 month since I moved to Frankfurt. I expected us to have the time of our lives. Well, it hasn't quite worked out that way. Been a horrendous time so far. I expect this to continue for 3-4 more weeks. Things should settle down then and we should start having some fun!!